- A Bit About Us -


Welcome to T&B!

We're event based florists and wedding stylists/crafters based out of Williamsburg Brooklyn.We work weddings and events in NYC, LI, the Catskills, CT, NJ and PA. We can also travel to locations further away based on availability and for an additional transportation and room and board charge.

We make stylish, fun and unique flower arrangements based on the client's inspiration and vision.

Beyond making flower arrangements we help our brides and other clients with coming up with a vision for their special day, from the big picture to the smallest details, and then we execute that vision.

If you've spent countless hour scouring the infinite world of wedding blogs and always dreamed of having a gorgeous detailed filled event, well, THAT IS WHAT WE DO!

We are two young ladies who create, grow flowers, design, print, craft, bake, make sugar flowers, sow, paint, screenprint, saw wood, search flea markets, and do everything else that is needed to help you create that one of a kind special event.



If you've ever wanted all your design needs to be taken care of by one vendor, we're it!

Now, some Q&A:

How does all this work, you ask?
Well, once you contact us and give us some details about what you need and what you like, we'll put together a brief sample quote and sample design idea. If you like it and want to chat more, we'll set up a meeting wherever is convenient for you! Prior to the meeting T&B will put together a few more detailed design ideas for you to look through.
Once we decide to book us, we'll ask for a 30% down payment by cash or paypal, with the final payment being due wedding day.
Typically we'll meet about 2 times in person, if possible, and email each other lots more.
About 2-3 weeks before your wedding, we'll have a final chat and finalize any TBD items...and then we're ready for the big day!

What's the QUOTE all about?
Once you contact us, we'll prepare a draft quote/proposal for you which will include any and all items that we will be responsible for making, preparing, or bringing to your event. This quote will be detailed and updated plenty of time during the planning process as your needs change or you decide on a particular item over another. The quote can be changed up to approx. 2 weeks before the wedding. It's basically a way to keep everyone informed.

How much is all this going to cost me? Do you have an event charge minimum?
We don't have a minimum. We love all events, big and small. Our prices are comparable to a typical florist, but you get a TON MORE value. Our flowers will always be unique, interesting and stylish, always freshly bought at the NYC flower district (no week-old flower shops left-overs here) or grown in our gardens, and you'll have someone that has helped you work out your WHOLE wedding design from start to finish to help answer any questions and work with the other vendors. We can help with any last minute issues, and most importantly, we'll work with you to ensure that those issues won't come up in the first place. Because we're EVENT based, and don't have a physical flower shop, we can offer very competitive prices.

Do you travel?
WE DO! We've traveled up and down the North East to work on stunning wedding events, and we'd go even father! Our out of town travel expenses typically include: driving/flight, room and board, plus typical set-up fee. Our in town (within 50 miles of NYC) the expense consists of driving per-mileage fee plus typical set-up fee (which varies depending on what needs to be set-up).

What if I want my bridesmaids to decorate the reception hall?
Although it seems like a tempting idea, we wouldn't recommend it if you still want those bridesmaids/friends/family to like you after the wedding. Your friends and family deserve to enjoy your wedding, and more importantly, you deserve to have them around to spending time with and in case you need anything. For a small service fee (typically approx. 30% of the cost of these items, with some exceptions), we can help you take care of all those design tasks, even if it's items that you already own or are planning on purchasing yourself.

If you have any other questions, please send us an email (tashiandbobo@gmail.com). We'd love to hear from you!