Thursday, March 3, 2011

3rd Wedding Anniversary Cake

This is LONG overdue...but several months ago Tashi and Bobo were asked to make and deliver a SURPRISE 3rd wedding anniversary cake to a lucky and unsuspecting wife during her lunch hour at the office!

Although traditionally the third wedding anniversary is supposed to be celebrated with gift of...leather or crystal...we think that cake is a MUCH better alternative!

The cake was shaped like a large "3" and it was iced with cream cheese frosting and decorated with marzipan and fondant flowers...all edible!

The delivery was one of my favorites because it was a surprise to the wife, and an office full of people gets very happy when a large cake arrives!

We hear that the cake was a hit, and that the anniversary surprise was a huge success!

This cake serves approximately 30-35 people. Please email us at for further details and prices.

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