Friday, May 11, 2012

Making Antiqued/Distressed Wood Boxes

Besides flowers and cakes, we love to create and build...and now we're building custom antiqued centerpiece flower boxes.

Since it was a fun endeavour, I've decided to share this work-in-progress project...and also a little glimpse into the very "glamorous" life of a wedding florist/stylist/decorator/etc.

We were able to get our hands on a old shelving unit that was headed to the scrap pile, and decided to give this piece a new life as some fun custom centerpiece boxes. 

The old shelves had some marking of age, but we wanted MORE. After cutting and assembling the boxes, I attacked them with a sander, wood chisel, stainless steel grinder and a knife. :)

(Old paint can mean lead paint, so always wear protective probably also should have been worn).

After getting some aggression out on these poor boxes, they received a few coats of light grey wood stain, and another round of sanding. 

The "distressed" wood boxes came out better than we could have hoped for...can't wait to use them for Robyn's wedding later this Spring.


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