Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Romantic Colorado Mountain Wedding

Congratulations Beth & Joel on a gorgeous and romantic wedding celebration!

Everything from the venue, to the surroundings to the Bride herself, couldn't have been any more gorgeous!
The bridesmaid bouquet, with the Rockies serving as a lovely backdrop.

The wedding was held at the famous historical Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. The hotel is famous for many reasons, including being features in Stephen King's "The Shining".

Me and my husband in front of the hotel. Hi!
The Bride chose coral, pink and light green as her wedding colors, and they were perfect accents to the ivory and pearl accents on her dress and backdrop colors at the reception space. 

Joel and Beth, along with their flower girl and ring-bearer. 
The bridesmaids and their flowers.
In order to secure some of the most precious of blooms, yours truly purchased some of the flowers at the NYC flower district and few out with them in my carry on all the way to Colorado. The flowers survived the journey and looked great in the bouquets, blooms and centerpieces.

Check out some of the pictures!

One of the groomsmen's bouts.

A mix of the different bouts made for the bridal party.

The Bride's bouquet.

The Groom's white bout.

The centerpieces consisted of a mix of three milk glass vases that the bride and her mom found at flea markets and garage sales in the months leading up to the wedding.

Close-up of the centerpiece.

Close up of the flowers, featuring rononculous, garden roses, wax flowers, cone flower heads and snapdragons. 

 The Bride's family took on the challenge of growing some flowers for the wedding, and I was beyond ecstatic to be able to use the dusty miller, snapdragons, cone flower heads, phlox, and aspen leaves...among others. It was so special to see that their months of watering and weeding produced such gorgeous results.

Congrats to Beth and Joel! Can't wait to see the professional photos!


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  1. Congratulations Beth and Joel. Your wedding is truly romantic and wonderful too. I just loved your wedding dress. Hey how you managed such a lovely wedding? Actually I am planning for a wedding at venues in San Francisco. And I will use your wedding theme for my special day.