Monday, April 4, 2011

Edible Real Estate...

What better way to celebrate your first birthday in your new house than with a HOUSE CAKE!?

Tashi and Bobo made our very first house cake a few weeks ago, and it sure was an adventure. Building a house cake is a more complicated than putting together a typical round stacked cake. Since a lot of the pieces have to be made ahead of time and then assembled once the actual cake part is built, putting together a little paper model is helpful.
House Cake

We used large wafers for the walls and roof structure, marzipan for the trees and rocks, fondant for the road, and fast hardening sugar paste for the balconies and other structural elements.

The walls of the house were made from peanut butter flavored candy coating, while the roof was covered in dark chocolate. And of course, the whole cake was given a heavy dosing of white icing for the snow that covers the house.
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